OTPP Comms Mgr: “One of the best writers I’ve managed in 30 years.” Hey, welcome to my vintage site — mercifully, it’ll be replaced with one from this century in late August (notice I didn’t say which year). For recent digital samples, please connect via links below….

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  • A rare fusion of creative, digital, technical and business (MBA) expertise — small ego, big ideas. 
  • Hand-picked to write Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty print ad series for Asia by Ogilvy’s Regional CD / Unilever.
  • Progressed at four leading ad agencies on two continents. 

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JWT’s (future-at-the-time) Global CD for Unilever:

“[Barry] can do great things on tough briefs with almost no means. Enormous motivation. Sly wit. An ideas man who understands business. Easy-going and a pleasure to work with. (See Highly Recommended, top of page.)


Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, Asia — The “intense” challenge referenced by Ogilvy Regional CD for Unilever Asia. (See Highly Recommended).

More at right in 0.0 Print (General): Dovedove-dark-skin-issue-b.jpg


A personal favourite. (Coincidentally, also written by me.)


Hedge Fund — Wrote pitchbook, website (TAHO.com) and more. Click example below to enlarge.

TAHO, About us


Wrote all UX and microcopy for two large U.S. banking apps (B2C & B2B) —  see Category 1.2.

my set One-Swipe Balance


Renamed a national positive TV network, beating out two agencies.yes tv logo small


Hong Kong Disneyland’s Grand Opening TVC — wrote and directed voice-over, as Ogilvy’s sole Brand Writer for entire Park launch.


Wrote this 30-page micro-site, including investment content, related print ads, banners and mobile quiz contest — see Category 6.0. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Ad agency house ad; this is panel 1 of 4; see Category 8.0 for more.


A favourite banner headline:


Developed envelope idea, wrote letter. ______________________________________________________________________

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