Thanks for coming by, I hope I can help. A bit about me:

  • A rare fusion of creative, business, tech and storytelling expertise
  • Hand-picked by Ogilvy to write Dove’s Asian Campaign for Real Beauty print ad series
  • Progressed at four leading ad agencies
  • Versatile in voice, media, industry and more

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Please scroll below for portfolio highlights, or view Categories at right. (Apologies for some stubborn issues within Categories, e.g., double images, or some sample links are black so please ignore red or other links).

Campaign for Real Beauty, Asia — An “intense” challenge, per Ogilvy Regional CD (see Highly Recommended at top). More versions in 0.0 – Dove ‘Beauty’ at right.dove-dark-skin-issue-b.jpg__________________________________________________

Page from a BMO project on Blockchain and China. (I also named their new U.S. debit-card system, EasyPIN.)

BMO Readymag China



Wrote all UX for two banking apps (B2C & B2B) — see Category 1.2.

my set One-Swipe Balance


Hedge Fund: Wrote pitchbook, website and more. Click below to enlarge or see 1.1.

TAHO, About us


Renamed a national “positive” TV network (beat out two agencies).

yes tv logo small


Hong Kong Disneyland’s Grand Opening TVC — wrote and directed voice-over, as Ogilvy’s sole Brand Writer for entire Park launch.


Wrote this 30-page micro-site, including investment content, related print ads, banners and mobile quiz contest — see Category 2.0. __________________________________________________

Ad agency house ad; this is panel 1 of 4; see Category 8.0 for more.


A favourite banner headline:


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