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Hi, welcome to my painstaking re-creation of a 2010 vintage website.  (Emphasis on pain.) My background, short version:

  • Tapped to write a Dove Campaign for Real Beauty series
  • Progressed at four leading ad agencies on two continents
  • Graduated from a top-tier business school

Why do you care? You firm will benefit from a sophisticated grasp of investment, business and creative issues. Just reach out to — or check me out on LinkedIn or my Facebook page. (Scroll down for quick cross-section of work, or see Categories at left.)

A quick note from JWT’s (future-at-the-time) Global CD for Unilever:

“Barry is a unique talent. He can do great things on tough briefs with almost no means. An ideas man. Easy-going and a pleasure to work with. Sly wit. Enormous motivation.” 


Print:  Dove “Real Beauty” campaign, Asia — The “intense” challenge referenced by Ogilvy Regional CD for Unilever Asia (at left, in Highly Recommended, among other humbling accolades). You can see four more Dove ads at left in 0.0 Print (General): Dovedove-dark-skin-issue-b.jpg


A favourite (coincidentally written by me).


Hedge Fund — Wrote pitchbook, website ( and more. Click this example below to enlarge, or click link in Categories, above left, for other pages.

TAHO, About us


Banking app for FNFG New York (see Category 0.2).

my set One-Swipe Balance


Renamed a national “positive” TV network, beating out two agencies (launch September 2014).

yes tv logo small


Hong Kong Disneyland’s Grand Opening TVC — wrote/directed ending voice-over.


Wrote this 30-page HSBC site-within-site, including investment content, related print ads, banners and mobile contest (see Category 3.1, Web). ____________________________________________________________________________________

Long-copy ad agency house ad — This is panel 1 of 4; remainder in Category 8.0.


A favourite banner headline.


Wrote letter and developed envelope idea for this Microsoft mailer. __________________________________________________________________________________________

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